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I help you improve your online courses by unpacking what works, what doesn't work, and what you can do to make yours better.


Teach successfully online.

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· Gets you expert advice for your exact challenges.

· Improves your concept, content, organization, writing, delivery, and postproduction.

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About Me

Head shot of Marcy McDonald, online course consultant and coach, AKA the "online course doctor."

My Experience

  Marcy McDonald has worked on more than a dozen courses that earned >$1 million their first year. She has coached 100s of subject matter experts from concept to delivery. She has delivered 1000s of hours of course content using everything from smart phones to state-of-the-art, four camera studios. If you're struggling with crafting an effective online course or perhaps creating a series of courses that you want to surpass the competition, Marcy can quickly assess your challenges & provide fresh, insightful, actionable solutions.

Marcy worked as Sr. Content Director for The Great Courses for nearly 10 years. In this role, she developed courses with National Geographic, Smithsonian Institution, & Culinary Institute of America. Since then, she's guided individuals and organizations through the challenges particular to teaching online in video or audio courses. 

What Clients Say

    “Marcy helped me create my first and most successful course which brought in over $1.5m in revenue the first year. I'm still seeing royalties from it 8 years later! She's a JOY to work with and fiercely intelligent! She has helped some of the best of the best in the world to create courses--Ivy League professors, scientists, mathematicians, musicians and more. If you are creating an online course, there is NO ONE more qualified to guide you.” ~Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan


“Marcy is a magnificent coach and mentor, who knows how to guide teachers to levels of performance that exceed all expectations.”

~Dr. Stephen Ressler, Professor Emeritus, U.S. Military Academy at West Point 


“Marcy McDonald is a joy as a colleague. She is a dynamic visionary who inspires the best in her team: you will find no better producer of educational and cultural material.”

~Ken and Gillian Bartlett, Bartlett Cultural Connections, Toronto, Canada


"I was impressed with Marcy's creativity and talent. Her experience leading strategy, content, and production makes her perfectly suited to collaborate with institutions looking to make online learning spaces of their own."

~Dr. Edward B. Burger, President, Southwestern University


“Marcy gave me better advice in 30 minutes than 3 books and several online ‘how to make an online course’ courses.” ~David DeSantis, Camp Negotiation Systems 


"Loved working with Marcy! She really knows how to grow a course!" ~Melinda Myers, Horticulturalist, Author, TV & Radio Host


“Online teaching, somewhat surprisingly to me, is a whole new dialect. Marcy is as fluent in that online teaching language as anyone I've ever met.”

~Dr. Peter Vishton, The College of William & Mary

About Me

 My mission is to create a corner of excellence in the online course world. Personal stuff? I’m kind of intense, kind of goofy, and kind of geeky. Crappy online courses make me cranky. I’m a lifelong learner, adventure lover, and a bit of a wanderer. My dog Tigger functions as my Chief Happiness Officer. I also work as an end of life doula--click here to learn more about this new venture. 


How to Nail Your Course Concept Step-by-Step

  Whether you're about to create a course or stuck in the process, a viable, focused course concept makes all the difference in building a course or moving forward with one. 


Most people start out with what they THINK is a focused concept but which actually isn't.

This video course shows you exactly why a fuzzy concept is the source of so many problems in organizing, creating and selling a course. It demonstrates why you must create a course around a subject you're passionate about, and it teaches how to pinpoint that passion.

Finally, using a unique process, it teaches you how to zoom in on a core concept that you can easily and logically build a course from, that will make it easier to market as well as to write. The process also works for developing a book or business concept.

Great teaching changes lives. Let's change lives together. CLICK HERE TO GET THE COURSE.

Why Courses Fail

3 Reasons Why Online Courses Fail

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